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The question was:
Coconuts grow on certain palm trees and can be dangerous if one falls on your head. What would be more dangerous if they grew on those same palm trees?

The winning entry selected by our members was:

#6. Gorillas - Elaine from NC

2nd place #2. Anvils - Mildred from KY
3rd place #4. Pianos - Brian from NY

The top 10 entries were:

1. Cement blocks - Pam from PA
2. Anvils - Mildred from KY
3. Watermelons - Amy from MO
4. Pianos - Brian from NY
5. Cows - Jeff from NY
6. Gorillas - Elaine from NC
7. Typewriters - Lee from NY
8. Manhole covers - Susan from TX
9. Bowling balls - Karen from IL
10. Elephants - Joan from DE

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Answer this:
Besides your pets and animals in general, what do you wish could talk so you could have a conversation with it?

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This contest began on 12/13/19

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