4/14 Be Creative

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The question was: How would the world be different if everyone was exactly 20 feet tall?

Congratulations to the following winners:

We received so many awesome answers! Thanks! Here are the best ones...

No more short jokes - Connie from MO
Fewer ladders would be needed - Amy from TX
Deeper swimming pools - Amy from MO
No need for high heeled shoes - Florence from FL
Gutter cleaner jobs eliminated - Renee from NY
Warm food by holding it up to the sun - A member from NC
Everyone could ride the rollercoaster! - Frank from NY
We couldn't have a Wizard of Oz sequel - Diane from IL
It would definitely be harder to find some shade - Deborah from TX
Skyscrapers would have fewer floors - Anne from TX

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Answer this: There is a local place where you can play in 1,000 pounds of anything you choose. What would it be fun to play in?

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This contest began on 4/14/19

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